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Archi-Tectonics Today » Blog Archive » Drents Museum competition

Drents Museum competition

Archi-Tectonics was a finalist in the recent Drents Museum design competition!

Click below photos to see our entry!

Entrance interior

model 1 model 2

3 Responses to “Drents Museum competition”

  1. menno van heumen Says:

    Drents museum competition

    When I read about reaching the final of this competition in a local paper, I was anxious to know what the contribution of AT should be. It seemed not so easy: who has ever heard of the Drents museum and a place like Assen? Honestly, I knew of their existence but had no idea of the museum at all, and what the city wanted to achieve with it.
    I figured out that an important part of the museum had to do with the archaeological history of Drente. That sounded as an interesting trail. Holland is known for his flat, clay lands, but Drente has a specific element: the peat fields as a result of interacting climate changes (glacial periods) and processes in the soil. Typical Dutch: there was an important role for the water for there would be no peat without swampy conditions. So there was a meandering river called the ‘a’. [It is nice to know that there are more rivers in Holland that are just named after the first letter of the alphabet].
    Anyway, with this in mind I get to the following association: Drente, landscape, river. Pictures from poems went through my head, and some reading from a well-known Dutch poetry writer brought me a few lines I would like to tell you. It’s tricky to present my own translation, and sometimes it’s an offence to the writer, but the intention is to try to maintain its initial value.[That’s off course impossible because I’m not a writer]. Here we go:

    The landscape and the river, they won’t see me
    The meadows just lying, the river only floating
    All being it’s own being

    River lines like folds
    From a vague absent smile in a face

    The landscape and the river, they are looking through me
    The view is only what it shows
    The summary of itself

    I should call this ‘smiling transparency’.

    Now look at your pictures. Especially the one named ‘model 2’. Turn your head a little bit to your right shoulder and there she is!

    Actually, you should have won the competition. Apparently, the decision makers didn’t have enough cultural awareness of their own history.

    I’m looking forward to your next contribution. Don’t give up, you’re on the right track, and keep on smiling!

    Menno van Heumen

    Original lines written by Rutger Kopland (Man in de tuin/Stroomdal; van Oorschot 2004)

  2. winka Says:

    thank you, we all need a bit of poetry in our lives!

  3. Narkoman Says:


    Бизнесмен из Вас отличный…

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